How outpatient clinic management works

Short queues means more efficient use of staff and administrator’s time. With an easy to navigate self-service kiosk giving the patient clear information, staff are able to monitor each patient’s progress through the hospital. This starts from check-in and allows staff to access detailed patient notes.

Communication flow keeps everyone informed. Waiting times are shown on display screens and alert the patient when it is time for their appointment. Real-time updates allow staff to monitor patient numbers and whereabouts, how long they have been there for, and if more patients are due to arrive, so they can organise resources and respond to congestion .

Our mobile products are integrated into Clarity, with support throughout the patient journey. The mobile technologies support the expectations of a modern hospital and enrich the patient experience.



Features / benefits

Healthcare depends on up-to-date, reliable information on all aspects of patient care.

  • Easy to navigate kiosks
  • Staff can monitor patient progress in real-time
  • There is a quicker response time to congestion
  • Patients can update their records easily
  • Demographic information is more readily available
  • Each patient visit yields performance data
  • Kiosks provide essential aids to planning staff resources and finances
  • Patients are able to go online to manage appointments, complete pre-admission questionnaires, check-in, and update their own records

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