The digital patient journey starts here

Savience’s business is about the digital transformation of healthcare; the profound transformation of business and organisational activities and processes using tried and tested digital technologies.

New digital processes offer an enormous opportunity to deliver a step change and a fundamental shift in focus from purely volumes to value. Optimising the patient experience, creating operational flexibility and an agile organisation able to continually adapt efficiently to sharp fluctuations in demand are paramount, but attainable.

Healthcare is at a crossroads with greater demand on fewer resources. Embracing transformational change offers measurable improvements in efficiencies to maximise resources and save vital cash.

Digital technology is the connective tissue of a modern healthcare system that helps create genuinely transformative change.

Among the key technologies that will transform current processes and deliver measurable change are Savience’s Patient Portal, Convey app, Electronic Outcome Forms, Digital Letters and Reminders Service




Savience and digital transformation

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