Specialists in shaping the patient journey through hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries, the systems developed by Savience have already helped millions of people worldwide.

The team design clinic-management solutions using multi-channel, multi-media smart technologies to connect, involve and engage patients and staff. We work closely with health professionals and managers to ensure our technology can be fully and seamlessly integrated with existing systems.

Developing nimble, accessible and feature-rich technologies to help manage the flow of people in time-critical hospital reception areas, Savience Clarity guides patients throughout their journey, keeping them informed from the moment of arrivl to the time they leave.

In fast-moving, high-volume areas of hospitals, Savience Clarity streamlines three core processes: arrival, flow, and departure. It is a comprehensive solution for patients and hospital staff alike. Unless the flow of people from arrival to departure is managed seamlessly, queues lengthen, staff are stretched – and frustration builds.

Above all, Savience Clarity is a cost-effective solution that improves services, reduces queues, alleviates stress, and allows hospital staff to move to areas where they are most needed.

Collectively the directors of Savience have over 75 years of IT experience, in a wide range of sectors. The company is the major supplier of self-service patient arrival and flow systems in the UK and Northern Ireland, and has proven success in the Republic of Ireland and, more recently, Canada. Currently 100,000 patients are using Savience systems every day.

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