The team designs clinic-management solutions using multi-channel, multi-media smart technologies to connect, involve and engage patients and staff.

Further cost-effective solutions include: Outpatient Clinic Management; Emergency Department Patient Triage; Radiology clinic management; and Dentist Arrival Management.

Savience CareExpress Radiology screen

How Outpatient Clinic Management Works

Short queues means more efficient use of staff and administrator’s time. With an easy to navigate self-service kiosk giving the patient clear information, staff are able to monitor each patient’s progress through the hospital. This starts from check-in and allows staff to access detailed patient notes.

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How Emergency Department Patient Triage Works

Savience systems connect, involve and engage. Reduced queues means less stress for patients and staff. The self-service kiosk is confidential, and provides the patient with clear instructions. Its easy-to-follow graphics allow the patient to answer questions configured by clinical teams to discover pain level, symptoms, and time in pain.

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